Top 3 Best Digital Multimeter 2021 You Need To Know


A Multimeter which is also known as a volt/ohm meter is a useful and beneficial multitasking tool. It is an electrical instrument to measure electric current, voltage, resistance, and more. A Multimeter is a versatile instrument which helps simple test to detect complexity and fault. This smart gadget can be used for troubleshooting household and electrical problems such as motors, batteries including vehicles, appliances, circuits, wiring, current, and power supplies. They are also capable of different reading, depending on the model.

Out of two types of multimeters Analog and Digital, Digital Multimeters are the best because they are easy to read and give highly accurate digital readout. They also have unique features such as LCD, button selection, jack input, and many more. On top of this everything is digitalizing now, so is better to find the best and ideal multimeter.

To help you choose the best multimeters tools kit approved by the electricians for many purposes even if you are not an electrician by yourself. We have reviewed the 3 best multimeters for you based on top-notch qualities. You can find the best multimeter according to your requirements and make your life at ease.

1) INNOVA 3320 Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter :

Are you facing electrical problems back at your house? No worries, INNOVA 3300 is the best Digital Multimeter specially designed for your household electrical and auto-motive problems with 100% safety.

This electrical multimeter has an exemplary functions such as Auto-ranging scale, which helps to get the most accurate readings of troubleshooting capabilities.

With INNOVA 3320 you can check DC circuits up to 10A.

The 10 Meg Ohms is a saver for household usage and automotive for instance fuses wiring, vehicle batteries, general using batteries and automotive circuit, etc.

INNOVA 3320 multimeter also contains a Led color indicator placed on the display that helps you in quick check the status of household batteries; green color indicates that the battery health is good, yellow color indicates that the battery is weak, and red indicates that the battery needs to be replaced.

It has protective rubber guards placed on both sides of the multimeter to protect it from dropping.


  •  It is UCL certified
  • Best multimeter for DIY enthusiasts
  • It contains a single testing resistance function for AC and DC voltage
  • You can examine and diagnose electronic circuitry and faults in-home wiring as well as electrical appliances
  • It contains a large clear display, a battery life indicator and additional alligator clips
  •  Auto-shutoff


  • The auto-ranging is a bit slow and sometimes takes forever to find the accurate reading
  • It has a low AC amperage range and can measure about 200 M Amps


2) Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter Best Voltage Meter:

Are you looking for a digital multimeter that is beneficial, reliable, and gives accurate results? Klein Tools is a high-quality tool perfect for you.

Klein Tools MM600 is a digital multimeter that can measure up to 1000 Volt AC/DC, 10A AC/DC and 40M resistance. It can also measure frequency, capacitance, temperature, the duty cycle of batteries, and test diode.

The safety rating of Klein MM600 is CAT III 600V and class 2 with double insulation.

It contains an NCVT (non-contact voltage tester) which can automatically detect voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, switches and wires, etc. The NCVT has a green color LED to indicate the tester is properly working; the indicator turns red when the voltage is detected with a warning tone.

It has a receptacle tester for detecting wiring configuration. The tester can also indicate correct wiring and recognize the faults in the wiring.

Klein tool MM600 also comes with a digital ON/OFF power button and auto power-off option to save battery health.


  • It is easy to use
  • It has a great display with a backlight for better reading
  • Contains a non-contact voltage tester
  • Carry test leads and alligator clips
  • Affordable


  • It does not contain True RMS technology
  • Sometimes the screen may be lost contrast due to certain angles


3) Fluke 87-V-Best Digital Multimeter:

Fluke 87-V is an industrial digital multimeter especially designed to provide high resolution and accuracy to efficiently fix the issues on plant automation, motor drives, power distribution, and electromechanical tools.

It contains fluke designed low pass filter which can accurately measure the frequency on adjustable speed drives (ASD).

Fluke 87-V can capture intermittent as fast as 250 µS.

Its safety rating is CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V.

This electrical multimeter can measure up to 1000 VAC and DC. Moreover, it can also measure operating altitudes at 2000m.

Fluke 87-V contains switchable high-quality display resolution that allows 6000 to 20,000 counts. In addition to this, you can see all the small changes that appear in the display.


  • Gives accurate and precise result of troubleshooting capabilities
  • This versatile true RMS contains a removable holster with a built-in probe and test lead storage.
  • The large and bright display makes it easy to read all conditions
  • Durable, reliable and sturdy
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with an alligator clip, magnetic hanging kit and a temperature probe


  • It has no non-contact voltage tester
  • Price is a bit expensive



A multimeter is an absolute digital multimeter for automotive and household measurements. It is an extremely valuable and helpful tool for electrical purposes and industrial purposes. Every household and electricians should own this.

There is a variety of digital multimeters in the market, but we reviewed the 3 best ideal digital multimeters. Before buying a multimeter you should consider all the specifications. Moreover, you can choose between analog and digital multimeters but above everything digital multimeters are on the top priority due to their highly modernized features. They have a large display size, buzzers, indicators, supportive back stand, etc.

Hope you have found all the information and queries related to multimeters and find this multimeter guide helpful and moving forward to buy the best multimeter that will suit your requirements and need.

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